When we started looking for a home we knew nothing. A couple of people told us that we didn’t even really need a real estate agent, that buying or selling a home privately wasn’t that hard. Well we decided to use Mike anyway. I felt like we must have been nightmare clients, changing our minds on what we wanted, bugging Mike to go out and see house after house, asking his advice on every little decision. Well, Mike didn’t seem in the least bit inconvenienced and really set our minds at ease. He gave us honest opinions on the places we looked at. He did alot of leg work in finding comparable house sales in the area, to show us whether it was a good deal or not. He was there every step of the way through the whole process and really helped to make buying our first home an enjoyable experience.

I’m so glad I didn’t take those other peoples advice and I would recommend Mike to anyone wanting to buy or sell their home.

Mike, I just want to personally thank you again.
Take care.

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